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Cole Sayer 'Wicked' Opening Reception at JTT NYC

  • JTT 170a Suffolk Street New York, NY, 10002 United States (map)

Cole Sayer’s paintings act as a bridge between the digital and the physical. Each work begins as meticulously constructed, 3D models. These renderings are then executed in acrylic paint and overlaid with enlarged drawings painted with a vinyl paint that alternately reinforces the illusionistic space of the painting and calls to attention the physical reality of the paintings’ two-dimensional linen support. Sayer often utilizes found 3D models culled from the internet. Through his work, these models undergo a transformative process where a physical object that has been translated into digital data and distributed online gets reconstituted back into a material object. Sayer’s works speak to the way in which the world operates with a perpetual feedback loop so that the digital world can increasingly resemble the physical, and the physical more and more imitates the digital.