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A Review of Wayne Thiebaud: 1962 to 2017 at White Cube in Mason's Yard, London

Long before #instafood, #foodporn or #foodart became Instagrammable sensations, American artist Wayne Thiebaud had made a profitable and lengthy career out of it. Melting ice-creams in wafer cones, perfectly poised cherries on cinnamon buns and swirling dollops of sugar icing were the rising stars of his early compositions. You could say that Thiebaud paved the way for a modern obsession with beautiful food. 

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A Review of Further Away at Copeland Gallery, London

Where is Further Away? How far can our imagination carry us? To Cuba, to a place of little sense, to the boundary between life and death? The ten artists featured in this exhibition at Copeland Gallery do precisely that: they transport the viewer somewhere they have not ventured yet. Curated by India Dickinson, the journey begins with Ivo Morrison’s indigo fantasies, where oneiric worlds are shrouded in mystery and nostalgia.

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A Review of Peckham 24 in Peckham, London

As the art world elite concluded their annual Photo London gathering at Somerset House, Peckham was just warming up by presenting a festival of exhibitions that encompassed a network of Peckham-based artists, galleries and curators. Founded by Vivienne Gamble and Jo Dennis, Peckham 24, is a 24-hour celebration of contemporary photography. The festival is spread across a variety of locations in Peckham, including The Bussey Building, Copeland Park and other local galleries. Far from the exclusivity and structure of Somerset House, the non-ticketed festival instead welcomes a wide audience to see a diverse selection of photography.

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