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The Magnum Contact Sheets Exhibition at the C/O Gallery, Berlin

Following their glamorous re-opening, the C/O gallery have bounced back with the Magnum Photographic Agency’s contact sheet exhibition. The delayed final photograph and contact sheets give an intimate insight into the photographer’s creative process, exposing all of the imperfections, smudges and blurs. The comments scribbled down the margins add a sense of intimacy.

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The Will McBride Retrospective at the C/O Gallery, Berlin

If you pass by Bridget Bardot jumping beneath her villa La Madrague, 1955, you will soon find yourself immersed in Will McBride’s delectable retrospective on the second floor of the C/O gallery. Known for pouring himself into his art, McBride captures the poignancy of the social context in which he works. He describes his photography as more of a moral venture than voyeurism, because of the responsibility he feels for his audience.

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