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A Review of Rio Azul by Beatriz Milhazes at White Cube Bermondsey, London

A sun-drenched Sunday afternoon in Bermondsey was the perfect setting to see White Cube’s new show, a large-scale exhibition of works by prominent Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes. Entering the stark white space, I felt almost as if I had been transported away to the exotic climes of Brazil - as if when I exited the glass doors I would step out onto the Copacabana. 

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A Review of Eddie Peake at South Gallery White Cube Bermondsey, London

Once an exhibition cautions against nudity it feels more like a promise than a warning, but now that we are more difficult to shock, it seems that nudity needs a sense of purpose or joviality. Said warning appears upon entry to the South Gallery of White Cube Bermondsey and in light of Eddie Peake’s previous installations like Touch 2012, I imagined I would be in luck.

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An Interview with the Artist and Curator Andrew Hancock at the Ace Hotel, Shoreditch

Andrew Hancock is a London-based artist and curator. I had the pleasure of interviewing him at the Ace Hotel before a tour of Shoreditch's graffiti. Looking into the the internal mechanisms of the 'art world', he's worked at Christie's, White Cube, The Royal Academy, Frieze Art Fair and Saatchi. In 2013 Andrew co-founded ARTNAKED and became Art ...

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