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Our Third Weekend Guide to Berlin, Germany

Start your morning at Mauerpark Flea Market and then head over to the Jewish Museum. As a result of the architecture and the curation, upon entering, you instantly face full immersion into the suffering and injustice of the Jewish population. Designed by the architect Daniel Libeskind, the concept is ‘between the lines’, which you soon sense as you step across his vertigo-inducing floor plan.

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A Weekend of Art and Photography in Ghent, Belgium

I had no idea what awaited me when I boarded the train from Paris du Nord to Ghent, Belgium. But, I left feeling I had discovered a hidden gem in this eclectic city. Despite being so close to Brussels, this charming little haven is relatively untouched by tourism and instead pulses with the creative energy of a thousand Shoreditch studios. It is the perfect blend of the hipster paradise of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the architecture...

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