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An Interview with the Art Dealer and Curator Lawrence Van Hagen in Mayfair, London

Lawrence Van Hagen is a curator and collector working between London and Paris. We met at Café Boulestin in Mayfair to hear about his much-anticipated exhibition What’s Up featuring fifty young contemporary artists. With a blend of both emerging and established artists, collectors will be exposed to mediums from painting to video art. The exhibition runs from the 14th-30th April between Soho Revue Gallery and the Union Club. Highlights include Jonas Wood...

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An Interview with the Painter Luke Waller at the Soho Revue Gallery, London.

Luke Waller and I met in February at the Soho Revue Gallery for a tour of his paintings on display there. We had been introduced by a photographer that we had both worked with and I was thrilled, because I had heard a lot about his work's photographic realism and strong narrative. As he composes each painting, Luke pulls together found elements from film, television and fashion photography to create a new image through a curatorial collage process.

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