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A Review of Valery Chtak’s ‘If My Way – No Way’ at The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia

‘Love does not demand an axe’ – states one of the murals by Valery Chtak exhibited in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Along with ‘L’art c’est hip-hop’, ‘The fact that I am a Marxist does not mean I don’t care’ and other wannabe slogans and leftist maxims created and put on show by the Russian artist as a kind of self-explanatory manifesto and resume of his almost 20 years in art.

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A Review of Love 3D, Directed by Gaspar Noé

Love 3D is tale of lost love by the Argentine director Gaspar Noé known best for his controversial works Irreversible and Into the Void. Perhaps as a result of the overwhelming quantity of sex scenes and violent onscreen ejaculation Love 3D has been the subject of much controversy. The narrative trails a passionate sexual relationship between a Parisian artist Electra and her lover Murphy, an American filmmaker. 

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