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A Review of (Juergen) Teller on (Robert) Mapplethorpe at Alison Jacques Gallery, London

The exhibition Teller on Mapplethorpe poignantly coincides with what would have been Mapplethorpe’s 70th birthday. It also ties in nicely with the touring exhibition The Perfect Medium, which opened at the J.Paul Getty Museum and LAMAC, as well as the HBO documentary Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures, released earlier this year.  Whether Mapplethorpe (b. 1946) was photographing flowers, nudes or celebrity portraits, the images that he took from the 1960's until his death in 1989 both followed and challenged classical aesthetic standards.

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A Review of the Performing for the Camera Exhibition at Tate Modern, London

Photography has been in use since the 19th-century as a means of documenting ephemeral forms of artistic expression that would otherwise be lost forever. The Tate Modern’s new major photographic exhibition Performing for the Camera shows how two separate mediums can be inextricably linked to one another. It includes an array of artists such as Yves Klein, Robert Mapplethore and Jeff Koons and brings together 500 images from the last 150 years which show how both mediums...

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The Robert Mapplethorpe Retrospective at Le Grand Palais, Paris

The Robert Mapplethorpe retrospective at Le Grand Palais has truly ignited my obsession with his life long love affair with the elusive icon - and author of Just Kids - Patti Smith. It is an enthralling story of unconditional friendship, which goes deeper than sex, co-habitation or even fidelity. Above all, they bonded through their work and felt by magnified...

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