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An Interview with Richie Culver at his Studio in Kensal Rise, London

British artist Richie Culver and I first met at his Bayswater studio, with the gentle thud of techno music reminding me that he’d recently returned from a tough couple of years in Berlin. A few years later, we're still in West London, but at his Kensal Rise space alongside Tim Noble and Sue Webster. I was met at the door by a soft-spoken Yorkshireman with arms decorated with the names of past lovers and dead friends.

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A Review of A__ is A__ curated by Antonia Marsh at Golborne Gallery

Young curator Antonia Marsh’s group show A _______ is A ______ currently on show at Golborne Gallery presents a seductive dystopian vision of everyday life. Although on the surface the small gallery may appear to be a complacent collection of works revelling in the mundane, there is a distinct punk spirit to be felt and a tangible yearning for something better than that which is.

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