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A Review of Dan Walsh at Paula Cooper Gallery, New York

“Philip Guston makes an Agnes Martin,” is a phrase that Dan Walsh has often used in interviews to describe his work.  Initially this is a rather weird analogy, thinking of an aesthetic marriage of a politicized figurative painter (following on Guston’s reformation from Abstract-Expressionism) and a transcendent abstract painter, whose work is often confused with Minimalism.  You really have to scratch your head about “Guston x Martin,” borrowing the botanical “x” to symbolize the intergradient of two species. 

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An Interview with the American Artist Alex Dodge at his Studio in Brooklyn, New York

When he was growing up in Colorado, Alex Dodge decided that, “if you want to make beautiful things, you have to make them yourself,” and turned to the visual arts. A connoisseur of digital art, his process involves him creating a virtual fabric and letting it drape over objects to describe their form. Over the course of his artistic development, Alex continues to ask himself, “how do you make something with a complexity and immediacy.” In response, his paintings resemble living, breathing objects.

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