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A Review of Maya Rochat: Give Me Space at Seen Fifteen Gallery, Peckham

Rochat’s cutting-edge work has completely overtaken the gallery. Transparencies hang from the ceiling and the windows have been pasted over with digital prints on transparent vinyl, which gives a slightly psychedelic, stained-glass effect. Although Rochat trained in photography her textured work could easily be mis-interpreted as a completely different medium such as painting. She explains that, "there are no rules in my process," and her work could definitely be described as experimental.

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A Review of France-Lise McGurn: Mondo Throb at Bosse & Baum in Peckham, London

Taken from an array of visual influences in film, art, television and music, France-Lise McGurn’s new exhibition Mondo Throb at Peckham-based gallery Bosse & Baum is an eruption of vibrant and sexually impulsive figurative paintings and drawings. Often extending beyond the confines of the canvas, McGurn creates an abundance of sensual imagery that spills out onto the walls and floor of the gallery. The composition and form of the layered figures developed from sketches derive from a multitude of influences. 

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An Interview with British Painter and Curator Shaun McDowell in his Studio in Redhill, Surrey.

Shaun is a multifaceted painter and curator who first found his feet exhibiting in a squat in Peckham, South London. An expert colourist and mark maker, he works by his own sense of spontaneity and intuition. Shaun doesn’t work with stories or ideas, but instead enters his studio and lets the painting direct itself. I was first exposed to his work in the Critic’s Choice pages of the Financial Times a few years back, so was thrilled when his gallerist and collaborator Hannah Barry introduced us.

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