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A Review of Ry David Bradley: 21th Century at PM/AM Gallery, London

Founded in early 2015 by Patrick Barstow, PM/AM is a gallery space, which aims to challenge the existing models that we use to interact with art. By introducing 3D glasses and ocular manipulation, Ry Bradley’s exhibition: 21th Century does just that. Juxtaposing the white and grey setting are Bradley’s kaleidoscopic pieces. French impressionism immediately springs to mind, as the paintings are reminiscent of Monet’s Water Lilies.

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A Review of Oceans Without Surfers, Cowboys Without Marlboros at PM/AM, London

Situated on the Old Marylebone Road, the white facade of the West London gallery PM/AM juxtaposes the surrounding red brick buildings. The gallery's white neon sign is reminiscent - not in a sleazy sense - of those found in the red light district of Amsterdam. It's punchy, memorable and certainly entices you into their space. Originally a garage for collectable cars, the interior remains

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