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An Interview with the British Photographer Kurtiss Lloyd off Brick Lane, London

The British photographer Kurtiss Lloyd and I first met at the Nomadic Community Garden off Brick Lane, London. There we spent an afternoon talking and taking photographs of the street art. Finding his way to photography through an interest in dance, Kurtiss grew up in an English mining town without any artistic training. But he soon found his way into the fashion world, collaborating with brands like Dior, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and Philip Tracey. 

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The Vogue 100: A Century of Style Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London

When I think of Vogue, I simultaneously think of glamour, beauty, haute couture and a world of unaffordable luxury that I will never be a part of. As I turn page after page of the latest edition, sipping my almond milk latte in a Parisian café in the septième I am, however, momentarily convinced that I am indeed a part of this world. 

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The Taylor Wessing Photography Prize at the National Portrait Gallery, London

At present, autumnal London is overwhelmed by photography exhibitions, which vary immeasurably in their poignancy. As a result of digital innovation, we also face the bittersweet reality of our newfound passion for bombarding each other with images on Facebook and Tumblr. Although social media has some positive implications for visual culture, the sharing of millions of profoundly unexceptional images makes it increasingly challenging to sift through. 

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