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A Review of Diana Thater: The Sympathetic Imagination at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Diana Thater freely admits: “I couldn’t paint. So I decided I would do something I could do.”  Monet was a favorite artist of Thater’s “because of the colors and images. People love Monet.” So while Thater chose not to paint using traditional media, she finesses it using electronic media along with natural and artificial light. 

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The Frank Auerbach Retrospective at Tate Britain, London

Frank Auberbach’s retrospective at Tate Britain has been met critical acclaim for the originality of his impasto portraiture and landscapes. Given the contemporaneous exhibition at Marlborough Fine Art and its popularity at Frieze Masters, there’s a revived interest in his work. Despite the influence of painters like Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud upon his work, there’s an independence to his aesthetic. 

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