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A Review of Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970's at The Photographer's Gallery, London

Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s brings together works by no less than 48 artists from the collection of Austrian renewable-energy giants Verbund - exhibited in Britain for the first time. It features film, performance, collage and photographic works arranged thematically across two floors of the expansive West-End space. Taking its title from the curator-coined term, the show offers what is then an extensive look at the work of these groundbreaking artists.

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A Review of The Infinite Mix: Contemporary Sound and Image at 180 The Strand, London

The Store at 180 Strand, is not the elegant exhibition space its chi-chi central London address would have you think. Instead, it is a gutted Brutalist concrete-block that shares the same building as a multi-storey car park. Acting as The Hayward Gallery’s North Bank outpost, this otherwise uninhabited space has been transformed. 

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A Review of the Turner Prize 2016 Exhibition at Tate Britain, London

Known for its cutting-edge commentary on contemporary art, the Turner Prize 2016 opened at Tate Britain, London on September 27th, marking its 32nd year in existence. As ever, this year’s prize attracted media scrutiny upon the early announcement of its four nominees back in May, inviting the usual refrains of  "is it art?" and "what does it mean?" Fittingly then, the exhibition opens with Helen Marten’s (purposefully) enigmatic installations. 

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