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An Interview with the British Artist Jack Penny in his Studio in Hampstead, London.

The British painter Jack Penny and I met when I was sitting for a portrait by his artistic partner. A modern polymath, Jack is a trained skipper, skateboard and artist. Found at his easel in a French ‘blue de travail’ jacket and matching cap, he is now based in North London. With a background in illustration, Jack works from the imagination to create images fuelled by spontaneity and fluidity...

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An Interview with the British painter Hugo Hamper Potts in his London Studio.

The British artist Hugo Hamper Potts and I met on an autumnal evening of Soho exhibition openings before the beginning of the Frieze art fair. Dressed in an assortment of workman's attire and textured fabrics, his sartorial flare was aligned with his character. The 24 year-old painter was born into a family of artists and is now based in London and works in an Elephant Hotel studio alongside his artistic partner Jack Penny. 

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