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Beard Photography Exhibition at Somerset House, London

Pogonophilia is not a crime. I must admit that there was an ulterior motive in my visit to Somerset House to catch the Courtauld’s TEDx conference. There is absolutely no escaping the allure of an exhibition purely dedicated to beautiful men with beards (especially with a charitable edge). Even the chunkier specimens resembled a Disney prince when their facial fuzz had been suitably styled. A veritable pogonophile (beard enthusiast), I immediately surrendered myself to the overwhelming...

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The Robert Mapplethorpe Retrospective at Le Grand Palais, Paris

The Robert Mapplethorpe retrospective at Le Grand Palais has truly ignited my obsession with his life long love affair with the elusive icon - and author of Just Kids - Patti Smith. It is an enthralling story of unconditional friendship, which goes deeper than sex, co-habitation or even fidelity. Above all, they bonded through their work and felt by magnified...

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