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A Review of Geta Brătescu: The Power of the Line at Hauser & Wirth, London

Hauser & Wirth homages Geta Brătescu in its latest exhibition, The Power of the Line. It explores the constantly evolving use of the line in the artist’s most recent works. The show was organised in close collaboration with the artist and Marian Ivan and Diana Ursan of Ivan Gallery, resulting in a highly introspective display.

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A Review of Mark Shand's Adventures and his Cabinet of Curiosities at Hauser & Wirth, London

‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ is a fitting name for the charity exhibition and auction, which welcomed the bright young things of London’s contemporary art world to Hauser & Wirth. As curated by Ayesha Shand and Davina Harbord, 29 photographs and 101 sculptures were commissioned from emerging artists. 

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A Review of Frieze New York at Randall's Island, New York

Frieze New York is an annual event, which attracts a broad spectrum of collectors, artists and gallerists to make the pilgrimage over the East River and discover an impressive selection of both modern and contemporary art. Across just four days, their hugely diverse audience are exposed to a plethora of cutting-edge works exhibited by more than 200 international galleries as well as a developed program of art talks, lectures and curator-led tours. 

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