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A Review of Henry Hudson at Hannah Barry Gallery, London

Gone are the days of Hudson’s ultra-bright psychotropic jungle scenes; instead we are treated to pastel-coloured ski slopes with a custom Scagliola floor to match. The exhibition is performative, energising and entirely aesthetic yet, despite all of the niceties, there is an underlying sense of foreboding.

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An Interview with British Painter and Curator Shaun McDowell in his Studio in Redhill, Surrey.

Shaun is a multifaceted painter and curator who first found his feet exhibiting in a squat in Peckham, South London. An expert colourist and mark maker, he works by his own sense of spontaneity and intuition. Shaun doesn’t work with stories or ideas, but instead enters his studio and lets the painting direct itself. I was first exposed to his work in the Critic’s Choice pages of the Financial Times a few years back, so was thrilled when his gallerist and collaborator Hannah Barry introduced us.

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