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An Interview with Fashion Photographer Will Milligan at Shoreditch House, London

The British fashion photographer Will Milligan and I first met in the Lake District when we were visiting the painter Beatrice Hasell-McCosh who I was posing for. Since then we’ve collaborated on editorial shoots everywhere from art gallery basements to abandoned film sets. Since moving into fashion photography, Will has photographed Luke Waller, Hugo Hamper Potts and Hugh Harris from the Kooks as well as...

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An Interview with the British Artist Jack Penny in his Studio in Hampstead, London.

The British painter Jack Penny and I met when I was sitting for a portrait by his artistic partner. A modern polymath, Jack is a trained skipper, skateboard and artist. Found at his easel in a French ‘blue de travail’ jacket and matching cap, he is now based in North London. With a background in illustration, Jack works from the imagination to create images fuelled by spontaneity and fluidity...

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