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An Interview with Sang Woo Kim at his Studio in Bethnal Green, London

Sang Woo Kim is an artist and model whose current body of work focuses on the challenges of identity as he balances the duality of his creative professions with the realities of being a Korean immigrant brought up in London. Although modelling for international brands such as Burberry, Diesel, DKNY and Dolce & Gabanna supported his studies at Goldsmiths, and Central St Martins, he's often found himself to be taken less seriously as an artist as a result.

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A Review of Abstract Expressionism at the Royal Academy of Arts, London

Invigorating, intense, emotional, dramatic. The art of Abstract Expressionism that originated in a world reeling from the uncertainty of the postwar years strongly resonates with the chaotic political climate of today. It delivers an inspiring message to the potential creators of today’s culture - where destruction took place in the twentieth century, creativity arose as a confident response, pioneering new techniques 

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