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A Review of The Rehearsal, Written & Directed by Jaclyn Bethany

Following the president set in 2017, where we saw female-dominated films like Wonder Woman and Lady Bird achieve much-deserved success, it is perhaps unsurprising that esteemed writer, director and actress, Jaclyn Bethany, has delivered a captivating tale where the very nature of womanhood is brought to the forefront. 

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A Review of Ladybird, Directed by Greta Gerwig

Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut is a runaway success. Earning five major Oscar and Golden Globe nominations, Ladybird has been met with critical acclaim alongside indie competition such as Call Me by you Name. Known for headstrong roles in her partner Noah Baumbach’s films Francis Ha and Mistress America, Ladybird is Gerwig’s moment in the limelight - the first of many. 

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A Review of Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest at the New Museum, New York

“Help me,” reads a cool, white neon sign on the fourth floor of the New Museum, adjacent to Pipilotti Rist’s installation, 4th Floor to Mildness. It is a portent, an augury. It is visual representation, almost an echo, of a sound bite from Rist’s Selbstlos im Lavabad (Selfless In The Bath of Lava) (Bastard Version), (1994), which is in the museum’s stairwell gallery. Whether you go top down (recommended) or bottom up, this exhibition is vexing and often discomforting.

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