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A Review of France-Lise McGurn: Mondo Throb at Bosse & Baum in Peckham, London

Taken from an array of visual influences in film, art, television and music, France-Lise McGurn’s new exhibition Mondo Throb at Peckham-based gallery Bosse & Baum is an eruption of vibrant and sexually impulsive figurative paintings and drawings. Often extending beyond the confines of the canvas, McGurn creates an abundance of sensual imagery that spills out onto the walls and floor of the gallery. The composition and form of the layered figures developed from sketches derive from a multitude of influences. 

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An Interview with the British Artist Tristan Pigott at Cob Galleries in Camden, London

The British painter Tristan Pigott and I met after an art dealer jotted his name in my journal at a party. A few weeks later we met at Shoreditch House for pots of tea and discussed his interest in embracing technological developments as an artist. Tristan grew up in Brighton, but studied at Wimbledon Art School and then Camberwell Art School in London where he thrived on the freedom to develop his own personal style. Although you’d be more likely...

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