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A Review of Feminism(s) x The Arab and Muslim Diaspora at Protein Studios, London

Feminism(s) x The Arab and Muslim Diaspora was the first in a series of exhibitions curated by Goldsmiths graduates Loren Elhili and Susanna Pousette. In part a reaction to Trump’s Muslim ban in the US, the debut show brought together female artists across a range of media to both destroy and challenge static stereotypes of Arab and Islamic women.

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A Review of Marilyn Minter: Dirty/Pretty at The Brooklyn Museum in New York

Metallic lips and outstretched tongues poised to lick. Acrylic nails, mouths crammed full of pearl necklaces and makeup-clad eyes – these are the images that come to mind when I think of Marilyn Minter, who I first discovered while absent-mindedly stalking Miley Cyrus’ Instagram. A blurred portrait showed Miley in all her usual glory - Hollywood white teeth, tongue out, licking a foggy window dripping in condensation.

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