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A Review of Olivia Steele's exhibition at the Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin, Germany

In June the Culture Circle Gallery hosted a private view of the American artist Olivia Steele’s (b. 1985) new body of work Faux Real. Born in Nashville, Tennessee the contemporary visual artist lives and works between Berlin and Mexico. Olivia's artistic style is distinctive as she employs the commercial medium of neon glass.

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An Interview with Visual Artist Scarlett Bowman at her Studio in Fulham, West London

Scarlett and I met at her studio in Fulham, London and she showed me her recent works, walking me through her process and the unexpected materials she uses as a mixed-media artist. With her work exhibited at the Sunny Side Up! show at Rook & Raven Gallery as well as Polymer at Fold Gallery this summer - following the Hyperion show during Frieze New York - it’s a big year for the young artist. She was even shortlisted for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016

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The Vogue 100: A Century of Style Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London

When I think of Vogue, I simultaneously think of glamour, beauty, haute couture and a world of unaffordable luxury that I will never be a part of. As I turn page after page of the latest edition, sipping my almond milk latte in a Parisian café in the septième I am, however, momentarily convinced that I am indeed a part of this world. 

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