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A Review of Oscar Murillo: Manifestation at David Zwirner, London

Upon entering David Zwirner, one is affronted by three large, deep-red canvases which occupy and overpower the primary wall of the main gallery with their assured presence. These new manifestation works at first push the audience away, asking the viewer to beguile in their pigmented facades from a distance, then following a pause, draws them in with textural details, liminal text and the jarring churnings of visceral brushstrokes.

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A Review of Rose Wylie: Lolita's House at David Zwirner, London

Rose Wylie is everywhere! Represented by blue-chip gallery David Zwirner, the 83-year-old painter continues to receive awards and embark on museum shows met with critical acclaim. Alongside female artists like Phyllida Barlow representing Britain at the last Venice Biennale at the age of 73, or Lubaina Himid's historic Turner Prize win last year, Wylie's moment in the spotlight is long overdue. 

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A Review of Yun Hyong-keun at David Zwirner, New York

In a brief word piece titled, “The Eccentricities of an Artist,” published in 1977, Yun Hyong-keun described his life as one without any clear distinction between living and playing. When it occurs to me, I secure my canvas and paint.  At other times, I just sit absentmindedly. . . . Painting is thus enjoyable work.  But when paintings do not work out, it feels like death. . . . In any case, just as I continue to eat and live, I continue to paint. 

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