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An Interview with British painter Faye Wei Wei in her South London studio.

A studio visit with Faye in South London is a transcendental experience. The painter glided around her space, making herbal tea in the Japanese tea set she’d just brought from Tokyo. It felt like entering a Parisian salon with kimonos draped over a piano, and her unique collection of seashells and old postcards scattered everywhere. Quite simply, it was like walking in a dream. 

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An Interview with the British Artist Tristan Pigott at Cob Galleries in Camden, London

The British painter Tristan Pigott and I met after an art dealer jotted his name in my journal at a party. A few weeks later we met at Shoreditch House for pots of tea and discussed his interest in embracing technological developments as an artist. Tristan grew up in Brighton, but studied at Wimbledon Art School and then Camberwell Art School in London where he thrived on the freedom to develop his own personal style. Although you’d be more likely...

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An Interview with the Painter Luke Waller at the Soho Revue Gallery, London.

Luke Waller and I met in February at the Soho Revue Gallery for a tour of his paintings on display there. We had been introduced by a photographer that we had both worked with and I was thrilled, because I had heard a lot about his work's photographic realism and strong narrative. As he composes each painting, Luke pulls together found elements from film, television and fashion photography to create a new image through a curatorial collage process.

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