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An Interview with Internet Artist Petra Cortright in Los Angeles, California

LA-based internet artist Petra Cortright and I were introduced by the Swedish gallerist Carl Kostyal during her recent solo exhibition Orange Blossom Princess Fucking Buttercup at his London space. I felt as if I had discovered a new medium as I felt the impact of seeing her evocative work in the flesh. In fact, I was blown away by her kaleidoscopic paintings made using digital software to blend figurative and abstract elements. 

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An Interview with the Digitally-Inspired Artist Austin Lee in Queens, New York

Austin Lee is an American artist known for his playful, airbrushed acrylics. Introduced by mutual friends from London, we met at his studio in Long Island City, Queens near to MoMa PS1 and the Noguchi Museum. Combining technology and art, Austin describes himself as “a computer nerd as well as an artist,” and the proof was in his digital preparatory sketches. Austin thinks of his somewhat hallucinogenic artwork as sharing an isolated moment, keeping it alive and making it timeless.

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