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A Review of Marc Camille Chaimowicz: An Autumn Lexicon at the Serpentine Gallery, London

The heart of French artist Marc Camille Chaimowicz’s glorious new show is an exploration of how we write our own narratives through the spaces and objects around us. Utilising old and new work, found objects and the work of others, Chaimowicz has transformed the Serpentine Gallery in London into an immersive interior, that acts as a self-portrait or memoir to his own life and career

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The Bruce Nauman Exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery, Paris

The American artist Bruce Nauman was born in Indiana in 1941. From MoMa to Deutsche Guggenheim and even the Venice Biennial, his work has travelled the world. Nauman is known for his interdisciplinary approach. Engaging with existential dichotomies like love and hate as well as pleasure and pain, he has worked across a diverse array of mediums. His fascination...

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