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An Interview with Conceptual Artist Anna Fafaliou in her Dalston studio

The conceptual artist Anna Fafaliou and I first met after a talk I gave on ‘artists of the digital generation,’ but ironically we had actually shared an Instagram flirtation before that. Just as her beautifully curated digital presence has attracted thousands of followers, her purist white installations and sculptures are continuing to make waves across the international art scene. Anna’s unique work explores the relationship between object, memory and space as well as the interplay 

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An Interview with British Artist and Provocateur Maxwell Rushton in Soho, London

Maxwell Rushton and I met at a Halloween party in Soho in a candlelit room filled with dried flowers, candles and art, where we debated his controversial artwork. Through physically becoming a brand by painting 20 pints of his own blood into a logo in 'Buy In Bleed Out,' and spending a year in isolation constantly drawing a set of marks for...

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