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A Review of Further Away at Copeland Gallery, London

Where is Further Away? How far can our imagination carry us? To Cuba, to a place of little sense, to the boundary between life and death? The ten artists featured in this exhibition at Copeland Gallery do precisely that: they transport the viewer somewhere they have not ventured yet. Curated by India Dickinson, the journey begins with Ivo Morrison’s indigo fantasies, where oneiric worlds are shrouded in mystery and nostalgia.

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A Review of Ry David Bradley: 21th Century at PM/AM Gallery, London

Founded in early 2015 by Patrick Barstow, PM/AM is a gallery space, which aims to challenge the existing models that we use to interact with art. By introducing 3D glasses and ocular manipulation, Ry Bradley’s exhibition: 21th Century does just that. Juxtaposing the white and grey setting are Bradley’s kaleidoscopic pieces. French impressionism immediately springs to mind, as the paintings are reminiscent of Monet’s Water Lilies.

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