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A Review of Anne Imhof: Sex at Tate Modern, London

Anne Imhof's third solo exhibition, Sex, a highly anticipated followup to both Angst (2016) and Faust (2017) was unsurprisingly in keeping with the artists known aesthetic and mimicked the uneasy atmosphere of both her previous endurance performances. Elevated platforms, serpentine movements, dead-eyed stares, smoke and the odd bit of fire connect all three of Imhofs performances to date.

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The Soundscapes Exhibition at the National Gallery, London

I think that the Soundscapes exhibition at the National Gallery, London was what every art exhibition should be. There were only six paintings, but all of your senses were engaged and we left feeling enriched in mind, body and soul. What I loved about the exhibition was that it was one of the first times I've seen an audience sit, lie or stand before a work for more than the few seconds it takes to take a photograph or read the blurb. People were spending ten, even fifteen or ...

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